Monday, 9 July 2018

Maths Enrichment Day

Today as part of our Maths Enrichment day we had to match 7 players with their correct half time drink.

We had to read clues to help us .

We had to consider if the glass was full , half full, empty ,tall ,short ,or filled with either orange or blackcurrant. 

We had to organise ourselves and work as a team so we could complete the task.
We came together as a class and shared our ideas .
We found out that the order we read the clues made a huge difference to our results .We had to be prepared to be flexible,listen to each other  and change our initial ideas.
Well done Year 1 the players were very happy that they received the correct drinks!
(Mrs.Down )


To begin with we had to answer different football related time word problems. For example, one of the questions asked us to work out what time the footballers would break for half time if the game started at 3 o'clock and lasted 45 minutes. 


When we had worked out the answer we then had to role the capacity dice to find out how much water we could add to our country team jars. 


Next we used to measuring jugs to find the amount of water required and pour it carefully into our team jars.


To work out which country had the most water for their players for half time we had to read the numbers on the jugs and use our eyes to tell us which country had the most water! Brazil were our winners! 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Welly Wednesday !

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their Welly Wednesday !
We loved bird spotting and mini beast hunting . A beautiful butterfly paid us a visit and allowed us to photograph it so we could study it closely.

We had lots of fun in the digging pit and made some amazing discoveries which ranged from diamonds to prehistoric rocks !

Also some delicious dishes were  lovingly prepared !
Chocolatey mud pie was definitely a favourite as well as cupcakes for creepy crawlies!

We also worked collaboratively to make a bug hotel .We hope they enjoyed their stay !

We wove a wall for the hotel out of leaves . Great effort !

(Mrs Down )

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Ben Bullen outdoor activity

Today as part of our Outdoor Week  we learnt how to create a spark with a flint and steel.
We had to scrape the flint across the steel .This was very tricky for lots of us to begin with. However we did not give up and  we tried our best and were successful in the end !
Great effort everyone !!!!

After we had mastered making a spark we then had a go at lighting some cotton wool .We had to stretch the cotton wool so we could let air into it then we used our  super skills to set the cotton wool alight.
We noticed that the cotton wool changed colour and it shrank as it burned.We talked about how to put the fire out safely and discussed fire safety procedures too.

Finally we roasted marshmallows and they were delicious !!!
A big thank you to Angela our Ben Bullen leader we had a fantastic time !!!
(Mrs Down )

Outdoor Week Day 1

During our first day of outdoor week we took part in Skip 2 be Fit. It was lots of fun! We began by practicing to skip forwards to see how many we could complete in 2 minutes. After this, we then worked on our technique and tried again to see if we could beat our score. Here are some of our fantastic scores of how many skips we completed in 2 minutes:

 - 127 (the top score in Year 1 won by a member of Storey Class)
- 66
- 33
- 47
- 102
- 39
- 91
- 100

Friday, 29 June 2018

Physical Education

Today during our classes PE lesson we competed in a range of different races in our school color teams to earn team points.  We took part in:

- Relay races where we had to run, skip and hop
- Over and under races
- The caterpillar
- The slalom

We all showed terrific team spirit and sportsman ship and we are looking forward to sports day next week!!

Thursday, 28 June 2018


A HUGE well done to all of YEAR 1 who have had their end of year assessments this week. They certainly do all have the power and we are so proud of how hard they have worked and all they have achieved! Well done Year 1! :)

Transition to Year 2!

This week during our transition circle time we discussed the following:

  • Our faviouate memory of Year 1. 
  • What we are going to challenge ourselves to improve on next year.
Next week we will be beginning to create our transition booklets for our new Year 2 teacher. We are all very excited to find out who they are and our new class name! 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Beebot assault course !



Today during computing we worked collaboratively to make an assault course for the Beebot to follow.
We the had to carefully consider what information we needed to enter into the Beebot so that it would travel around the course successfully. We shared our ideas with each other.
We took turns to enter the information ourselves making sure that we pressed the buttons in the right order.

We were extremely pleased that our we were able to  manoeuvre Beebot  around the course and we even managed to get him to go through the gate at the end !
Well done everyone -great teamwork !


(Mrs Down)

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Transition to YEAR 2! :)

Today during our circle time we began our transition work for Year 2. During our session today we shared and discussed:

  • What we are proud of achieving in Year 1
  • Our faviouate memory of Year 1 
  • What we are excited about doing in Year 2 
  • Anything we were worried about when moving to Year 2