Friday, 25 May 2018

Book Corner Award!

Storey class are very excited and proud to announce that we are the gold winner of this half terms book corner award!  To win the award we had to make sure we kept the book corner tidy and used it everyday to read to ourselves, with our friends or using the puppets to retell stories.

Not only did we get a certificate that we have put up in our book corner we also get to look after and read with Bartholomew Bear. He is currently ready and waiting for story time in our tent! Here are some pictures of our book corner. 

Thursday, 24 May 2018


During our art lesson today we looked at the work and techniques of an artist called Georges Seurat l. We used cotton buds and a variety of paints to recreate his sunflower piece of art. Here are our beautiful creations!

Circle Time: Resilience & Problem Solving

Young children face new challenges at every age and stage and that's why it's so important to help them build the skills they need to become resilient. With self-confidence and the ability to express themselves, little ones will be able to handle whatever may come their way…and will just keep getting stronger. 

During our circle time we learnt all about the word resilience and how we can show this in our lives. Today we specifically focused on how we can solve any problems that we face using a 'BREATH, THINK and DO"  approach. This encourages us to calm down, think about what the problem is, come up with a sensible plan and try to use this to solve our problem. 

In class the children all had the option to share a problem and we worked together to think of strategies they could try to solve it. They are going to let us know how they get on when they do this!  We are all going to try and use this technique in the playground and in the classroom and know we can ask an adult to help us follow the steps! 

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

It's all about the blurb......

During Guided Reading we discussed what a blurb was and it's purpose. 

The children then worked collaboratively with their talk partners and  made predictions about what they thought would happen in the story by reading the blurb of  this  book .

Look at the blurb of a book at home .
Where will you find the blurb?
( It will have to be a book you have not read before )
Can you predict what will happen in the story ?

(Mrs .Down )

The Arts Assembly

Today during our What is good about the Arts at Upland? assembly  the children proudly shared with the school the art work that they have produced over the past couple of weeks ....
 I promised a big reveal and below are some pictures to show you what the children have been busy producing and what skills they have been using .

 Experimenting with a variety of tools .
 Exploring techniques with water colours.
 Using different brush sizes .

 Colour mixing.

We looked at and talked about the work of the artist  Karen Faulkner.We noticed that she had painted flowers using only one colour and the petals were both light and dark.

We used water colours to paint our own flowers.We tried hard to make light and dark tones using only one colour.

We hope you have enjoyed our Year 1 art gallery .

Watch this space for more amazing art work .........


Today during our topic lesson we learnt about the RNLI and the important life saving job they do. We found out all about the role of this organisation and it's volunteers. We now know:

1. Lifeboats are important because they save people who are in trouble in the sea.
2. The RNLI is a charity.
3. The crew are volunteers.
4.  They have to keep their equipment clean because it is so expensive.
5. The boats are so big and heavy they have to use a machine with a shore crew to take the boat in and out.

Lastly we compared and discussed the people, rescues and equipment used by the RNLI and Grace Darling and her dad.  We recognise what a vital job the RNLI do and are now in the process of creating our own posters with key information about the charity. Keep a look out for the finished products this week!!

Monday, 21 May 2018

3D Shape Hunt

Today during our maths lesson we began by playing a 'Guess the Shape'  game and solved shape riddles where we were given a detailed description of a 3D shape and we had to use this information to make an educated guess. After this we talked about 3D shapes in our school environment and completed a shape hunt to find real objects made out of 3D shapes. As a challenge we had to find out what those objects were used for and then discussed why we thought they were chosen. 

Parent Challenge: The children want to know if you can solve this shape riddle........ Good luck!

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Royal Wedding: Harry and Meghan

Today in Year One we have been learning about the Royal family and the up and coming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.

We began the day by making our very own UNION JACK FLAGS to wave at our picnic and during the royal wedding tomorrow. 

After this, we learnt that Harry and Megan are not having a traditional cake and we used our fractions to make different color cake designs. We will see tomorrow if they follow our advice!

Next, to learn more about the key people and words surrounding the royal wedding we became code breakers. Firstly, we learnt how to spell different words using our addition and subtraction knowledge and then we discussed what each word meant. We showed fantastic team work!

Lastly, we used our phonics skills and understanding to solve the mystery of the details of the royal wedding. For example, we discovered what the colour scheme will be and the meal choice. We are now experts and are happy to answer your questions! 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Dear Diary......

This week in Year One we have been developing our understanding of what is included in a dairy entry and really focusing on using interesting vocabulary to describe how the character is feeling. Also we have learnt about suffixes and prefixes during our SPAG starters so tried really hard to include -ing and  un- words. Here are our fantastic diary pieces we hope you enjoy reading them.